Sick idea :))

  • Hi,

    I think its good to make on retake first 5 rounds i mean Pistols rounds everyone to have usp-s or p2000 ? Its would be great i think so. :smiley:

    What do you think about it ?

  • Admin

    Don’t really understand :D Could you explain a bit more ?

  • Like first 5 rounds on Retake are pistols , and Terrorists have a glock , and CTs usp-s or p2000, and i thought can somebody do that Terrorists also have USP-s ? :D

  • nah, sorry. This is a nice idea, but i dont think its right for the server.

    Im pretty sure the Pistol retake server already allows you to choose any pistol on either side.

    Keep the standard retake servers as close to a real match as possible.

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