About HSFactory Retakes servers

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    Let’s talk about retakes servers, tell us what do you like, what you would like to change or whatever.

    For information, our retakes servers have some privates features to enhance your game experience using our servers.

    Here are some of our features:

    • AutoSlay Loosers
      Slay loosers if they try keeping their weapons or brake game experience of other players

    • VIP slots don’t kick
      Usualy, one player get kicked to gree a reserved slot. That’s NOT the case on our servers! Again, to create better game experience, the max server slots is extended when a VIP connect to our server and place him in waiting queue for a free slot.

    • Auto recorder
      Every retakes game played on our server is automaticaly recorded and uploaded to our GoTV repository. Games are recorded in the following format:
      Don’t panic if you don’t find your game instantly, the repo is updated each 15 minutes.

    • Weapons Choice synchronization
      Your weapon choice is synchronized across all our servers. Which means that your weapon preferences choosen on any retakes will follow you over all our platform saving yo uprecious time to poke som heads!

    • Custom weapons allocator
      We are using a custom weapon allocator that has been made especialy for HSFactory. This allocator allow us to generate a lot of differents retakes scenarios.

  • Admin

    I am wondering to implement a store system for people to buy some rights such as votes (map,kick,…).

    In order to avoid abuse of those items, those prices will high while points earning will be slow. Prices will be lowered for VIP to allow them some little more privileges.

    Points will be distributed as close as this :

    • 1 point per round
    • 2 points for kill
      (Need to be tested)

    There will also be some items restricted to VIP only in this store like chat ranks for exemple.

    Keep in mind addons this store feature isnt about changing gameplay on our servers but mostly to let players do auto moderation and read best players.

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