• Hi,

    As u know i got ban for cheating and System Abusing , im gonna clear this now.

    As first im not cheater , i’ve never got banned for anything. U can check whatever you want ( FACEIT , ESL , CEVO … )


    For second problem System Abusing i’m really sorry about that , i didnt know that im gonna get per ban for that. I got to 7100 Points solo , and i wanted to get second place , but i lose some rounds and i thought im gonna be 4th . And i called my friend dizz to play with me and he wont kill me … Because i said him.

    I talk with jeff about retake servers , and i didnt know thats bussines , im really sorry about that .

    Thank you for Attetion!!!

    Sorry again.

  • Admin

    DDoS and Hacking threat don’t push in your favor man :D

  • Might :D xd

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