Ladder May results

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    For this month, our top 25 retake players :

    <img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/a3453b654d5b4bb2b096915ec2fe91fc98ff00e8.png" width=“423” height=“500”>

    GG Sipix, 2 top 3 in a row ! Now it’s #1

    As u can see here, this month you don’t win any skins, but for sure our top3 players will receive a 1month VIP on our servers (dedicated slot/votekick/votemap/…).

    Congrats to :

    • SIPIXXbakeMONO - 7806pts
    • winston - 7462pts
    • Clandboy" - 7224pts

    Add Serial for receive your reward.

    Good luck for June Ladder !

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    GG to the winners :stuck_out_tongue:

  • 3 frenchies in the top haha ! :smiley:

    Gj guys !

  • Admin

    GJ everyone even if there was no may ladder :p

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