Donator Abuse

  • Hello,

    Playing retake servers today, when a player named “Yordy” decided to take it upon himself to start abusing his donator powers.
    First of all he tried to kick a player because he was using a tec-9 in pistol… !alt text

    Then he was threatening to change the map if we didn’t kick him to one no one wanted to play.
    alt text

    Then he kicked me for telling him he was acting like a child and abusing his powers.
    alt text

    I would have used Shadowplay but I didn’t have it enabled as I wasn’t playing an actual game.


  • Admin

    @l3vvbear thanks for your really detailed topic man!

    He bought those features through !store since it cost less with VIP. But seems like it’s too cheap to avoid abuses. Actualy, 1 vote cost around 6k for regular players and 600 for VIPs. I’m gonna raise those price at 3k for VIP’s to try to avoid abuse.

    Note that store has ben added some days ago as a testing feature on our FR servers for now so, any thought about those features is welcome ;).

    I’m gonna inspect this case.

    EDIT: Could you tell me on which server when it happend ?

  • @jeff Hello, I’m not sure which exact server it was I just know it was on of the EU retakes, I play them most days and have quite a lot of hours logged on them, unfortunately I didn’t think to take note of the exact server I was playing, although if you can check players who have been kicked, it happened at exactly 8:22PM GMT…

    And talking about the abuse of VIP I think it would be a good idea as it seems too easy for them to abuse their powers with no admin on the server at the time.


  • Admin

    Seems like yordy is abusing …

    @Serial do u have related demos ?

  • Admin

    I can find demo but i think isn’t necessary :

    11 !votekick on 5 maps is not normal use of votekick.

  • @serial @jeff Thanks for the quick replies guys, doing your job good :)

  • Admin

    @l3vvbear in that situation, if no admin is available when you !call, you can find me or another admin on the Steam Group and add one of them :)

  • @Serial Thanks Man

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