DM Official mappool rotation 24/7 ?

  • Hey there
    HSF needs an other thing than only D2, it’s boring when you warmup on the same map everyday, so that’s why a server with mappool rotation would be a great idea!

    I think it’s a popular idea that we need to warmup and learn from other maps than D2 during a DM session!

    And about promoting the new server, doing it directly where the need is (means deathmatch server themselves) is (imo) the best way to attract people to the new server rather than posting an announcement on twitter/steam

  • Admin

    Seems& like we’re working on it :D

  • Admin

    Look like warmup server with different mod ( pistol/pm/riffle&sniper/hsonly) swap every 10/15min

  • Surf Admin

    love serials’s idea, map rotation with all these mods would be awesome (and maybe no vote, so it won’t get every time the same thing)

  • Admin

    Im gonna look what can I do about mods rotation, nice idea :)

  • With D2 not even being in the active map pool it would be nice to have dm on the other maps.

  • @Nskav228 Yes, I agree. I think it would be refreshing to DM on some other maps. It would also help with memorizing crosshair placement on other maps.

  • Admin

    Sure, which map would you like as main ? Btw doubt that D2 DM could be easily replaced

  • @jeff I think D2 would be best as the primary map. I’m not sure how others would like this, but maybe add a map vote option for mirage, cache, overpass, inferno, train.
    I personally would love to see this, but I am not sure about the playerbase.
    Maybe a strawpoll would help us find out.

  • Admin

    Maybe a strawpoll would be nice yes but we need to repair our advertisement system.

  • @jeff I can see the advertisements in the games mentioning recruiting admins, there is a strawpoll for server location, and a msg to visit the forums. Is that what you mean, or a different system? It shows up in the center of the screen as an alert.

  • Admin

    Huh on which server did you saw it ?

  • @jeff On rifle DM. I think it works on the others too but I will have to check to be certain. It works on the n0thing rifle for sure.
    That is how I found out about the forums and need for admins:)

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