Abusive Admin

  • One of your admins http://steamcommunity.com/id/ykisback/ banned me on Chicago retake 1 because I suicided too much(?) during the pistol rounds(first 5 rounds) i suicided on purpose once. only once, i think at the point i suicided in the round we were already at a 4v1 so i assumed we were gonna win. He warned me he would ban me if i did it again. Idk why but i have “kill” bound to mouse5 (i think i was messing around with a friend a while ago in a private server), and i use mouse4 to talk. These buttons are very close to one another and when i went to call out for my team my finger slipped and tapped mouse5. After this, i was like wtf (then i checked my binds and realized what happened) and he warned again before i could explain it was an accident. The first or second gun round, i had an a1s and it was a 1v1 when i spotted the t back site and went to counterstrafe shoot but then my dude wouldnt stop running we lost the round because my shots went everywhere. Without hesitation after this he banned me. I friended him and asked him why he banned and he just said “ykISBACK: it is a retake server, So if you wanna mess around, Go do it somewhere else, I warned you 3-5 times” when in reality he warned me twice and didnt give me a chance to explain what happened at the end. This is isnt my first run with abusive admins/vips and im disappointed that if i make a single mistake im banned from all hsfactory servers including surf.

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