Your boi here just got falsely banned

  • I sent an application but accidently hit send with my steam id for the reason why i should be unbanned lol.
    Falsely banned by King. He and manteen thought I was cheating I showed them my profile which includes my esea cevo skins hours,etc. They tell my its not enough I ask him what more Can i do and i get removed. Was compared to emilo which was nice. I am a good player that plays the mod right. I am friendly to those who are friendly to me and make people laugh. I was playing with PersianKing and he didnt think I was hacking until I shot him through smoke. we had some laughs but still thought i hacked. Very unfortunate for admins to jump to conclusions with no real based evidence which disappoints me. I would like for you to appeal my ban. ty

  • Just to let you know I am not an admin of HSFactory. I have applied for admin recently because I think that there are admins that jump to conclusions with no based evidence. You mentioned . “They tell my its not enough I ask him what more can I do and i get removed.” I never said it was not enough, though you did not show me anything to think otherwise. I did think you were cheating but I was not the one who banned you, just reported in case. Which led PersianKing to spectate you for a good 20 min, from this point I guess he had all the evidence needed to give you a ban. Just to make this clear I was not apart of the investigation/spectating you for cheats. I just reported you.

    ps: the names mateen not manteen.


  • @JJx My evidence was me spectating you for 15 minutes and clearly seeing you doing some things that dont make sense. And you claim you don’t cheat because of hours and game sense. That can’t be an excuse. Earlier this month I banned someone with a couple hours. They ended up getting VAC banned a few days later. Your ESEA is A+ with average RWS and no league experience. In my opinion and from what I saw with my own eyes, I thought that 80% of the plays you made were sketchy. And 80% in my opinion is beyond reasonable doubt.

    Secondly, the way you handled it was just unprofessional. I did tell you multiple times that you could post here just like you are now. We would have had a much much easier time. But instead you went on to spam me on steam leading me to blocking you. I think that if you handled the situation more professionally and efficiently and listened to my advice (to come here and post so all the admins could see), it would have solved much more in that 2 hour span of when you kept messaging me on steam.

    No ones ever right about these things. I just saw in my eyes that you made some plays that put you beyond reasonable doubt. Thanks for posting here, now all the admins can involve themselves and we can have a discussion about this and solve it the way we should have solved it the first time.

    One last thing, the second person that was spectating you is not an admin at HSF. He’s only an applicant.

    Best Regards,

  • @PersianKing

    [EDIT] “Earlier this month I banned someone with a couple HUNDRED hours.”

  • Admin


    Can you give us your steamid and all infos about your bans : time/map/server.
    We will rewatch your plays and come back to you after this.

  • @Serial 

    got banned thursday I believe.
    check around from 10pm to like 12 or 1am not sure exactly.
    oh yea and watch it with xray on u can clearly see me “tracing” thru walls but not actually at anyone :P:P:P

  • so is there an update on this or…??

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