New 'website' released

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    Hi folks!

    As you’ve maybe seen, our main landing page has changed.
    The old one started to be a bit old and laggy without any useful information and there was no longer any need to take it.

    Main page rework

    We redesigned the whole theme to make the site cleaner and easiest for you to use. This one links you every useful information within the same place.

    Main page

    Steam integration

    As you already was able to login through steam on our website, ther was no real interest to do it .
    We are currently workign of some kind of integration to point you your stats through your profile aswell as purchased packages.

    steam login

    VIP is gone

    The old donation page is gone and leave the place to our brand new VIP Store. There are now some packages to fit everyone needs. From Baguette Pack to MAGA (Make America Great Again), there is a pckage for everyone. Note that continental packages (EU / NA) and mod packages (Retakes / DM / Fun) are also available.


    Ticketing system

    We have also added a ticketing system (reserved for vip / packages buy). This system allow you to directly create a support ticket to get in touch with our technical staff.


    Note that ticket replies can take up to 48h even if we usualy reply within 2 hours.

  • The website was in dire need of a makeover and everyone who worked on it did a great job! Its way more practical and user friendly than the older website. I also checked out the mobile version and it looks just as good.

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    Yeah serial did a really good job here. It took him a lot of hours to release this.Thanks a lot to him!

    Mobile navigation is a bit broken but not that bad imho.

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    GG Serial !

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