Minor Bug in FFA Pistol DM D2 [Chicago]

  • While playing in FFA Pistol DM D2 [Chicago] ( I noticed that while I had my usp-s equipped as my default pistol the server would not allow me to use a p2000. It would simply not give me a pistol to use.

    I tried to see if this same problem occurred if I had the p2000 equipped as the default and tried to use the usp-s but I was allowed to use both.

  • Admin

    Yeah some people told me about this issue but sadly, i don’t think that i can do anything for it.

  • Another bug (???) : Players can use !guns and receive a new gun in that current life. This can be abused in a way where if they run out of ammo they can just use a bind to receive a full clip.

    Solution: Make it so they receive there gun next time they die.

  • Admin

    @Honor im gonna check if i ça do anything but if people want tout abuse it even with a bind, they have to be kinda afk to choose their weapon so it doesnt give any advantage.

  • @jeff They need to be kind of afk? All it takes is !guns and hit a number.

    IDK if the servers are different, but I’m specifically talking about HSFactory [Chicago][FFA][Pistol]

  • Admin

    @Honor yup i understand, i will look into it next week

  • Admin

    @Honor Just checked and seems like the plugin don’t allow us to define if players need to die to change their weapons or not.

    @Ruckus About the usp-s bug, i heard it’s acommon one, i’ll have to look into it.

  • Admin

    This post is deleted!

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