Admin abuse?

  • I was in server and your registered admin decided to gag me and ban me since I called him retard. Really? I’ve been frequenting your servers for months and I’ve heard a lot worse than that from 12 year olds. Unban me and tell this kid to grow a pair and get off his admin abuse high horse.

  • I see that no one has responded to you. Although I can’t un-ban you I can clarify the situation a bit more. You were most likely banned for admin disrespect. We do not allow allow players to harass or disrespect admins and especially other players in our community. Just because 12 year olds are saying something and we didn’t catch it doesn’t mean we support it. As to you how you can appeal this ban and not get banned in the future:

    First of all, if you want to get un-banned don’t come to the forums and insult the admin that you banned. Us admins all stand together and support one another decisions. Because it was his judgment at the time that resulted in your ban we support his judgment. Secondly don’t tell us you un-ban you. We have no obligation to un-ban you.Third please tell us why we should un-ban you and not “Unban me and tell this kid to grow a pair and get off his admin abuse high horse.”. If you did commit said act then apologize and you may get un-banned. If you did not commit said act then respectfully tell us why we maid said mistake. We are also humans and we also make mistakes. We might have thought some general banter was disrespectful although this does not apply in this case as your comments were directed towards him and thus if he found it disrespectful and asked you to stop you should have.

    For my own thoughts:
    If the other admins were to get a second opinion of you from me I would not support your case. From just your post you seem pretty disrespectful so I would not support you getting unbanned

  • Admin

    Hi rokk,

    I think your message is clear. And don’t need anything more to agree with PcAddictionz about your ban.

    Don’t forget we have protest system here. Because actually i don’t know who you are and what ban you protested.

    Btw, insult anyone on this forum one more time to get perma everywhere :)

  • well said @Serial :) xD

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