My friends and I banned for "Multihack"

  • The admin “dYob” was being extremely abusive at the time to us and banned my friend for aim hacks, who is silver 4 and is obviously not a hacker… I tried to defend him and his innocence but the admin was too stubborn to admit that he was wrong and had made a bad call. In the process my friend Garrett who was only banned for an hour for admin disrespect because he was angry that our friend had gotten banned ( tried to defend him. I was doing my best to be respectful to the admin but after getting no where I told him that he’s an abusive admin and I would like to speak to someone that has more authority because he’d just banned two of my friends had the audacity to ban me permanently for multihack. My friend Will (, the one accused of “blatantly” hacking was playing with us for the first time in a few months… I often play on the HSFactory servers on CS and it infuriates me that we were all unfairly banned like this with no question about it… It makes me question if it has happened to other people than my friends and I… The admin that caused all this trouble’s name was “dYob”, as stated before. If we could get some help that would be greatly appreciated, my friends and especially me often play on HSFactory servers and just hangout.

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    Problem solved

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