unjustly banned for cheating

  • Got accused of cheating by a couple of guys and told I had been reported, then was later banned.
    No reason or proof was provided. I wasn’t cheating and wish to be unbanned. Hope someone can help, Thanks.


  • You were doing something like 80k-30d with a fking scout on HS DM, instant hs from A site to pit, and suddenly when I hackused you, you played like shit and ended the game with like 100k-90d. But yeah you’re totally not cheating, when everyone on the server said that you were hacking…

  • Is that meant to be proof?

    Also not everyone on the server said i was hacking, I saw only you and one other person accuse me. But if you want to lie thats fine, a mod can check the logs.

    Going on a good streak with a scout (and AK) then cooling off doesn’t mean I’m cheating.

    I play on HSfactory all the time and I’m rarely accused of cheating. If you watch the demo I doubt it would look fishy even though I hit a couple of nice shots. Could someone upload the demo?

    Stay mad and bad kalyZ. You will never improve as a player if you think that everyone who is better than you is cheating.

    Can a mod pls provide proof or unban me pls?

  • If you’re not cheating with the skill you have you’re the new hope of UK scene I guess :)
    you just turned off when you knew some admins were coming for you but it’s ok.
    Btw i’m better than you my dude so keep quiet about that.

  • @sam Can you provide me with more information about this. Date? Time? Server? Needs to very exact for us to get the correct demo and review your case!

  • Sure,

    Date: 14/02/2017
    Time: 09:38 (I was banned while still in the DM at this time. I was in the DM for around 20mins I think before I was banned)
    Server: FFA HSDM D2, IP:

    Thank you.

  • still waiting xd

  • From what i hear this was already discussed in discord and proved a correct ban.

  • lmao okay,

    btw the wrong demo was uploaded on my ban report, someone uploaded a retake which I wasn’t in:

    I would appreciate it if someone could upload the real demo.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond @PersianKing

  • Admin

    I just unban you, hope we wont need to review you more :)
    have fun on HSFactory servers

  • ayy, thanks :)

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