Admin Randomly banning people for 24 hours on French server

  • This admin on the French retake server keeps banning people for no reason. He banned 2 people after I joined and when I asked him he said cause he is tired of their shit and I said “Admin Abuse?” in chat and got banned for 24 hours can someone please take this guys admin away this is his steam profile , all I said was admin abuse to him because he kept banning people and he ended banning me I don’t really know why. You guys need to something about this guy.

  • LOOK AT THE BAN REASON my name is msk, I GOT BANNED FOR “boring…” WTF??? this guy is so abusive someone please take his admin away please, I didn’t even break any rules and got fucking banned this shit is so stupid

  • Admin

    1. LaAw is an admin since hsfactory is born he has always been a good admin and just banned cheaters / trollers / kids, i have a total confidence in his statement.

    2. Do you think admins have nothing else to do than jut deal with trolls ? Ofc nope, they do it to help our community on their free time and trolls are just ruining the time they give to hsfactory.

    So you trolled an admin and have been banned for 1 day, maybe you’ll think more before trollin staff next time.

  • Admin

    Don’t forget an Admin don’t have to tell you anything, it’s your job to stay polite, fair and good player.For toxic player if he’s in good way he can of course advert you but in any case he had to accept your troll/rage things. He just saw you’re toxic for the others players, and punish you with appropriate sanction.

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